Dress Rehearsal Schedule & DVD Order Form

Hi everyone! We are looking forward to a great recital this weekend! 

The rehearsal Friday will start promptly at 6pm and we will run through the entire show in order! This is different than past years where each dance was scheduled. We would like this to go as quickly and as smoothly as possible!! :) Please have your child/children dressed in costume and ready to go by the start of their block. Though we would love if everyone could stay until the final bow, we understand if you have very young children they may not make it that late. We just ask if you leave before final bow you let a staff member know so we aren't looking for them at the end. Please contact us if you have any questions! 

The recital will be recorded and available to purchase on DVD again this year for $20. The form is available in the studio or you may download and print it here.

Rehearsal schedule:


Sing, sing, sing

Over the rainbow

Cell block tango

Bella solo

Ellie solo

Monsters duet

Wish upon a star 

Twinkle twinkle little star 



Tutti fruitti

God bless the child 

How much is that doggy?

Peyton solo 

Far far

Ella solo

My girl

Unchained melody 

boyfriends back 


Flower girl 

Do you love me

Burnin up duet

Werk duet

Emma solo 

Crazy thing called love 

Stayin Alive

At the ballet 

Dream on

Addy solo

Erin solo

Jessie girl duet

Bad let's hear it for the boy 

Dude looks like a lady 


Live shack 

Push it 

Ice ice baby

Bittersweet symphony



Parker solo

Some nights duet


Rock your soul


Big bad wolf


Father daughter 

Final bow(all kids)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!!